Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano For Sale (9 foot six) in Whitfield, Gloucestershire for sale

Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano For Sale (9 foot six)

Bosendorfer Imperial 9 foot six Concert Grand Piano for sale (Serial No. 40871 507).
This piano is 27 years old as the serial number shows it was made in 1989.
This Bosendorfer Imperial Grand is in a very fine condition. It has been regularly tuned and maintained with no expense spared and this has been done by the same independent piano tuner throughout the time I have owned the piano, which is over twenty years.
It has a black polyester finish and the customary extra notes on the bass to go to very low C.
The piano has only had light teaching use during the last 20 years and so still sounds in its prime.
The asking price is £56,995.00 and sensible offers will be seriously taken into consideration.
If you would like to know more, please phone 0780 355 8820 (Preferably after 8.00pm).
Please find a stock description of the piano below taken from the Yamaha Music London website:
The Flagship: Carrier of our great heritage
With its dramatic presence, unsurpassed power and emotional sonority this instrument is the ultimate representative of our skills. Ludwig Bösendorfer’s invention continues to inspire generations of classical, jazz and new music performers. Its massive soundboard, the largest of all concert grands, makes its sound an almost orchestral experience. The extra bass strings of the subcontra octave extend the tonal range and create additional harmonic resonance throughout the whole instrument.
The first prototype was built in 1909 following a request from Ferruccio Busoni. He was working on a transcription of Bach's organ music and needed a piano with deeper bass notes. As a result, the Imperial was created with 97 keys - eight full octaves. Its extraordinary sound inspired major composers, including Bartók, Debussy and Ravel. Several music compositions require an Imperial to ensure that they are played true to the original.
Thank you for looking.